MoonMoonz spawned out of a desire to push the envelope on what NFTs could do and be. Our goal is to simply create an innovative journey holders would love to be a part of. With a utility-focused mindset we believe exclusive access, income and benefits is what distinguishes good projects from the rest.
MoonMoonz will start as a 888 cc0 PFP collection and passively earn Moon Water. $WATER will be used in our Moon Stayz and Moon Market ecosystem. Moon Stayz is a Web3 take on Couch Surfing and is slated for release in Q1 2023.

Gamified nature; Depending on which Hemisphere trait your moonz possess, they are only transferable and tradeable at night. Eastern Hemisphere is based around UTC +5 and Western UTC -5. Both will trade from 6PM - 6AM only. MoonLandz and MoonBlockz post-genesis collections coming soon.